Working on my 2d skills

For a while now i have been a 2D concept artist as a hobby, and i very much enjoy it, it has been a long and hard journey to get where i am today with the complexity artists need as well as originality, it is certainly much harder in my opinion to draw on a tablet rather than paper, and i still struggle with this now, I am making this site to promote my work and hopefully i will gather some interesting people who are looking for new artists that have a passion for art and design, i will update this site as much as i can and one day i hope it will be a large labyrinth of interesting topics, drawings, projects and ideas that i can showcase to the world, and possibly creating some user interactive work and build a community of small artists all learning to a common goal, i am by no means the best artist and certainly not at this stage, i want to improve my knowledge so much more and there are so many things i still want to be able to do, while my sketch work id say is pretty good and i can create environments very quickly, i am at a blocking point as to how to proceed when adding colour and getting that rough but detailed and vibrant style many professional concept artists have in the industry.
​with much on my plate and allot of work cut out for me i hope by documenting my progress here will better me as an artist and give me some more options to grow and build upon where i am.

3D is my specialty

While 2D is a great skill to have and to be able to use, it is the fastest way to get your ideas down and traditionally it was a physical thing you could file away, it was there, my passion is mainly focused in the 3D area, maybe this will change with time when my 2d becomes on the level i want to see it on, but with 3d i get to do so much more that i could want, i want to be able to create interactive worlds for people to get lost in, like the feeling you get when you read a great adventure book and you feel like your there, the sun on your skin the bees flying by and a dragons breath mere inches away for you, complete with an old man informing you that you are the chosen one and must destroy this beast before it is too late thus you all perish.
With 3d there are just so many more advantages that i appreciate, the control of the whole thing being the main one, being able to convert it quickly for use in a video game is another, my software of choice is Autodesk Maya and this is for several reasons which i can go into on a later post.
I am currently a student in an animation course, by the time of writing this this would be my third year on this course, it has been a good experience, i have learned allot however I'm the sort who doesn't usually get to finish his work, I'm looking to now do that and see how far my work has truly come, ill let you guys be the judge of that, once i get the site in better order i will open more ways to contact me and perhaps you and i could collaborate on some future projects i have in mind.

Error Noctia AKA Robert


I am Robert known as 'Error Noctia' the name noctis is Latin meaning 'of night' often symbolising a dark and mystyrious characte, i love the word mysterious and i love mystory and the unknown, i chnged the name to be better searched on the web to noctia, pronounsed 'nocsia' the 'Error' is also to benifet searching for me, i am a lively and out going person i love to meet peole and try new things, the most important qwerk to me is that i love to make others happy, im not happy myself if i believe that others are upset, i want to become a world known arsist in the gaming industy and i will achive this, my work ill continue to improve and will develop into a thing of its own that will hopfully encorage and inspire others over the gloab; it will be used for games and their development, concept art is my passion, i simply love the way that a simple image with colours and lines cand inspire and generate characters and world that players can interact with.

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tribal woman side sketch