Error Noctia AKA Robert


I am Robert known as 'Error Noctia' the name noctis is Latin meaning 'of night' often symbolising a dark and mystyrious characte, i love the word mysterious and i love mystory and the unknown, i chnged the name to be better searched on the web to noctia, pronounsed 'nocsia' the 'Error' is also to benifet searching for me, i am a lively and out going person i love to meet peole and try new things, the most important qwerk to me is that i love to make others happy, im not happy myself if i believe that others are upset, i want to become a world known arsist in the gaming industy and i will achive this, my work ill continue to improve and will develop into a thing of its own that will hopfully encorage and inspire others over the gloab; it will be used for games and their development, concept art is my passion, i simply love the way that a simple image with colours and lines cand inspire and generate characters and world that players can interact with.

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